I’ve employed crazie-crissie to do a little something for Hell & High Water. :)  Can’t wait to show you all!  Thinking I’ll make it a teaser for part 3. ;)


 ”I’m gonna show my boyfriend Kurt to everybody in town … wearing a salmon suit”.

i kinda veered off the prompt a lot bit

And hush now


Klaine Bingo: Park

Widly inspired by this amazing drawing ^^

Title borrowed from Ed Sheeran’s song aptly titled “Autumn Leaves”

Some people might say that when Summer leaves and Autumn takes its place, it becomes difficult to force oneself out of the bed, to be happy, to be carefree, to be energetic even, with the Sun becoming scarce with each passing day.

But Blaine would have to object, and quite vigorously too.

He may be a Spring child, but as far as he’s concerned, there is nothing that can beat Autumn.

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